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Personal: Below 70

When I left Bobet Hall around 10:15pm to head home after a day of working in the office and then a late Mass in the student chapel (with a sort of impromptu student gospel/jazz band providing the music, naturally), I walked out the doors to utter shock: a front and rain cloud had passed through – and it was 67ºF. It was below seventy degrees. Seriously, after the constant 90s and 75-100% humidity nonstop since I arrived, it couldn't have been more shocking if it were raining big bearded blond Viking go-go dancers. Variation alone seems exciting.

And that's all I want to waste on writing about the weather. Still tons of work to do: my prep has been painfully slow for these next lessons, much less getting the grading done of the first round of exams. Blech.
Tags: new orleans, personal, weather

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