Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: I Just Hung Up On Who?!

Got a futzy connection on an incoming phone call late this afternoon around dinnertime as I was exploring a little bit of the campus, eyeballing where my new classrooms were so that I wouldn't get lost on Monday when classes start. "Dr. Novak," the voice said, "This is Arthur Bainton." I explained that I was at that moment deep in the inside of a vault of a building and that the connection was bad, which he seemed to catch, asking if one of us, I wasn't sure which, wanted to call back later. I moved to a better part of the building and asked again who I was talking to, and the line went dead.

I got outside, saw all my signal bars come back on and called the number back. No answer. Again. No answer. "Who is Arthur Bainton?" I asked myself, not recollecting the name at all. "Arthur Bainton.... Arthur Bainton.... Ar... ... Archbishop Aymond?"

Yeah, I just hung up on the Archbishop of New Orleans. Oh, bloody hell.
Tags: catholicism, funny, loyola, new orleans, personal, technology

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