Novak (novak) wrote,

Theological Notebook: Passing on "The Last Exorcism"

Just got my first media request:
There is a horror movie coming out soon called The Last Exorcism. We received a call from someone with the production company making the DVD and its accompanying extras. Although the movie is fiction, they are looking for someone to go on camera for the DVD extras to explain exorcisms, discuss historical aspects of exorcisms, and reason why they are performed, etc.
Had to pass on this one. While it would be fun to end up on the DVD extras of a movie (and I'm enough of a film geek to watch these sorts of things), I am just not up on my exorcism knowledge enough to make it worth their while, I think. And with the school year just now beginning, I don't have the time to make the review I'd want to.

And, of course, without seeing the film, I'd hate to be inadvertently endorsing what has typically been the sort of hokum where Hollywood exemplifies the very worst misunderstandings and sensationalizing of things spiritual and theological....
Tags: funny, loyola, media, movies/film/tv, theological notebook

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