Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Living la Vida Squatter

I just got a call from Graebel Van Lines and received an apology that my stuff had not yet made it to me, even though today was the final day of their estimated delivery window. It sounded like it was just a matter of switching it from one truck to another, and they wanted to know if they could pick up any of my expenses from my squatting in my own apartment, like the inflatable mattress I've been using and such. I finally asked if this meant that Monday was looking to be the expected delivery date now.

That's when they clarified and said no, my stuff hadn't yet left Milwaukee. Apparently I'm looking at another week on the floor before delivery. At this point I managed to start channeling a bit more of my inner Amy, who had really encouraged me the other week, when Graebel loaded a day late, to not be quite so gracious, but to negotiate (still politely) for concessions from the other party. At this point maybe a night in the luxury of a place like The Columns might feel very welcome. Or maybe an hour with a masseuse. Mostly I'd like the option to not be recycling the same shorts and t-shirt combinations over and over again. I might like to try dinner in a place where slacks would be more appropriate.

Not that these are great problems in this world. I still have food, shelter, clean clothing, a job, and even a cool new iPhone to tap out these complaints upon. I suppose this is another opportunity to recognize my blessings and luxuries for what they are.
Tags: new orleans, personal

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