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Personal: Haley Turns Six

Today was Haley's birthday, and between how much she liked the dual birthday party for family that she shared with Grace the other weekend, how excited I heard that she was this past weekend at the birthday party she had with her friends, and today being her actual birthday, I bet she was just about as excited by the sheer fact of her birthday as she ever may be in her entire life.

After sending Grace the email "birthday card" that I did, I knew I needed to match that recent memory with something similar for Haley, but rather than the more sentimental "year by year" approach I took with pictures with me and Grace, I took a more teasing path with Haley, since she's currently all full of vinegar when she relates to me. So I claimed that every picture I picked showed something that Haley felt for me, knowing that that allegation would grab her attention and energy, even if for a vehement denial, and only then followed that with noting that I thought all these same things back to Haley. So I hope that went over fairly well. I wasn't able to catch anyone at home today with a phone call, so I'll hear about it later.

Dear Haley,

You are now SIX YEARS OLD.

I was thinking about how cool it was to be six years old, and how cool it has been for me to know you for SIX WHOLE YEARS. So, I looked at some old pictures. But instead of showing you a picture from each year that I have known you, like I did for the email "birthday card" I sent to Grace, I decided that I would do something different. I would show you six pictures that I took from times you and I were together. Each of these pictures shows something YOU think about ME, and also that I think about YOU.

Haley thinks Uncle Mike is SUPER FUNNY:


Haley thinks Uncle Mike is VERY ADMIRABLE:

Haley thinks Uncle Mike is LOTS OF FUN TO PLAY WITH:

Haley thinks Uncle Mike is COOL TO HANG OUT WITH:

Haley thinks Uncle Mike is SWEET ENOUGH TO KISS:

And, like I said, your Uncle Mike thinks all these things about you, too. I heard you had an AWESOME fun time at your other birthday party with your friends: I wish I could have been at that one, too, just to see how much fun you were having. But TODAY is your actual birthday, and so now I hope you are going to have a THIRD super fun day, this time with Mom and Dad and Grace and Sophie: all the people who love you most in the whole world.

I love you just about that much, too, and I look forward to playing with you some on the next time I visit, especially now that you're a cool six year-old.

Uncle Mike
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