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Personal/Theological Notebook--"Augustine: The Movie"

Had a fabulous talk yesterday afternoon with magdalene1 about adapting texts to film and my idea of how great an adaptation of Augustine's The Confessions could be if it preserved the writer's real content and his intent of the work being structured as a prayer, and yet could draw a modern audience into the natural drama of his story. It was such an involved discussion that we took some hours and I paid for it by having to read everything for today in a frantic rush, right up to the last minute. My mind is a strange whirl of esoteric Jewish texts of angels, the Angel of the Lord, the Watchers, and the divine spirit, whether that is the unrecognized or semi-recognized Holy Spirit or something/Someone else entirely. Mixing this Holy Spirit class and the Apocalyptic Literature class is going to get funky over the next few weeks. Jen's great intuitive casting choice for Augustine: Don Cheadle. Too old now to play the younger Augustine, I'm afraid, but a damned cool idea....
Tags: augustine, friends-marquette era, movies/film/tv, personal, theological notebook

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