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Random: Contributing to Another Archaeological Layer of Technology

Some more of the pre-packing oddities. I've been going through my media: gathering my CDs in one location instead of split between the computer desk and the living room media cabinet, and, more dramatically, finally tossing my VHS tapes. It's been two years since the VCR I had still recorded without eating tapes, and I had only still been using that for recording Smallville episodes for Kate and Paul in British Columbia, where the show is filmed, actually, but who for years have had me send them the episodes instead of getting cable so that they didn't become mindless TV zombies. (Kate and I used to giggle over Lois and Clark at Notre Dame, so there's a long-standing TV-Superman bond there that still functions at some level.) But I could still use the VCR to watch my taped movies, however rarely I did that, until the dual DVD/VCR machine gave up the ghost a few months ago.

So now, preparatory to the move, I'm finally getting around to pulling all the homemade tapes out of the cabinet and making room for more of the CDs. 43 videotapes, most with three or four movies on them, all going out. Many of these I've replaced with DVDs over the last several years, but there's still some gaps in my old collection. A few of the tapes themselves, however, have caught my eye: used and reused, at least a pair of these go back to 1987, when I had my brother back home (I was a freshman in college) taping the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, with this stunning idea that, if you taped every episode, you could make a full library of an entire series – for yourself! It's been a while since that was a giddy fanboy's idea, no?
Tags: friends-notre dame era, movies/film/tv, random, technology

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