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Theological Notebook--God: He is so cool

From a student in Introduction to Theology

Hi Mike,
I was wondering for our intro theo paper if when referring to God we capitalize he in the middle of sentences. In the past i've always had to, but i wanted to make sure here because otherwise that would be alot of grammar mistakes.


I don't think that that's a particularly hard-and-fast rule: not one you'd get points taken off for. I think it's just a good touch theologically to do it just in order to show that when we use the pronoun "He" instead of "he," we are trying to show that we're not attributing an actual male gender to God (although we can to Jesus, of course), but that we are just using our language in a conventional way. We are trying to speak in an easily-understandable way about Someone who is really beyond gender, but is a Person (see how I'm doing it here, too) and so cannot accurately be called "It." The tough thing about God-language is that God is the only Subject human beings have to address that is actually beyond us. We are far more complicated, because we are persons, than even the stars and the galaxies. But as far as we are beyond even the most complicated arrangements of mere matter, God is more than that far beyond us. I know that's more than you were asking for, but I thought the question actually touched on a cool bit of theology, and I was glad you were being sensitive to it.

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