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Theologi... oof. Personal--Everyone's back

I was going to do a review of the start of the new theological material, but I can't stop yawning. Up at 730 this morning for the Intro to Theology classes and then reading frantically to finish my pre-assignment for Barnes' "Holy Spirit from Second Temple Judaism to Augustine" class. After that, the first session of Andrei's "Apocalyptic Literature" class. It was all fantabulous, but I can't stop yawning. I already said that. Typed that. Anyway, I'm going to bed. The best part was seeing all the faces again, and in the gathering of these people, to start to feel the excitement of the synergy of these minds... always amazing. Andrei talked about how he wanted this seminar (his first Ph.D. seminar as a professor--absurdly, criminally over-packed with 21 students attending (a seminar!)--to capture the excitement and dynamism of the underground interdisciplinary seminars that he said were the heart of intellectual life under the Soviet Union. How's that for ambiance? Alright: passing out. Real theology tomorrow.
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