Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Dan O'Brien on "Romantically Challenged"

Mike Larmoyeux pointed out yesterday that our man Dan guest-starred in the second episode of Alyssa Milano's new sitcom called Romantically Challenged on ABC last night.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, I was able to catch the episode after the fact, since I didn't see Mike's notice until after I got home from babysitting Anna and Owen last night so that Dan (the other Dan) and Amy could have a date night at the Brewers' 17-3 trouncing of the Pirates.

While the writing of Romantically Challenged filled me with inertia, at least Dan got the fun part of the slightly-crazed love interest. It's still great to see Dan continue to get more attention in Television Land.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, movies/film/tv, personal

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