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Personal--Olympics and Studying. *Studying?!* Tim; Peepas; Bob and Carmen

A slow day. Continued to be a bit guarded and making sure the muscle tear heals: none of the ripping pain for two days now. It was dramatically bad Wednesday night when my high school best friend Tim Stouffer dropped by for a few surprise hours, but I think is about done healing now. So I bought Bryan Massingale's Introduction to Theology class books so that I could follow what the students are reading, ordered one that was sold out from Amazon, and continued my high school flashback from last weekend by also ordering a couple reprint volumes of The New Teen Titans. [Grins sheepishly and slightly defensively] Chatting with magdalene1 was interrupted by the sudden surprise appearance of Bob Foster, classmate and close friend who crazily commutes from Rochester, Minnesota where his wife Carmen is doing her surgery residency at Mayo Clinic. A brief but enthusiastic reunion occurred prior to his running out to dinner with Daniel Lloyd and his wife. We'll get together for the opening of the Marquette school year tomorrow with the Mass of the Holy Spirit at the Gesu at 4, and then dinner and long catch-up talk afterward.

Other than that, the night was devoted to the Olympics, a chat with a mystic friend of mine, and just now... my French lesson. I've set myself the goal studying French every day for the next month, so that in that month I will have so taught myself to read French as to pass a Ph.D. reading exam Sept. 30th on my first try. Tonight I was up to "The girls are running after the boy." and "The plane flies." Yaaaaaaaaayyyyy. A few days ago our campus was strangely aflood with fabulously-dressed women speaking French, so maybe this will come in especially useful. In the meantime, I have to get cracking on an article for the first meeting of Michel Barnes' "The Holy Spirit from Second Temple Judaism to Augustine" class. It's by John R. Levison from Duke, entitled "The Angelic Spirit in Early Judaism." And so the work of the school year has begun. And I'm already beat....
Tags: dc universe, friends-marquette era, friends-oregon era, holy spirit course, jewish mysticism, personal, theological notebook

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