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Personal--Shacking up and Making Babies

I guess one tiny downside of being regarded as more-or-less stable and virtuous is that you can't play with your Mom's mind very easily. Tonight, with as much sudden drama as I could muster, I confessed to her that Tuesday I was having a 19 year-old girl that I'd met on the internet move in with me. As far as it goes, that's the truth, too. Or at least one wildly-scandalous and incomplete way of articulating it.

Not even a flicker of alarm came through the phone.

So much for rattling her cage. In the meantime, my sophomore buddy Meg Rothbart will show up tomorrow to be victimized by some bizarre Marquette policy, which, being an urban campus, has carefully scheduled her a block of time in which she's allowed to pull up to her dorm on a busy intersection and unload her stuff. She's coming eight hours from Iowa to make this window. The only catch is, she's then not allowed to actually stay in her dorm until Friday. How's that for brilliant organization? So I'm letting her crash at my place for three days and hoping that she doesn't knock me over and break me in half as I continue to try to recover from surgery.

In the meantime, for the few of you who might know who I'm talking about, I have tidings of great joy: Wednesday, after an emergency Caesarean-section, Kate Fagan Taylor and her husband Paul welcomed Sophia Helen Taylor into the world. I was a finalist for godfather, but ultimately was ruled out-of-bounds for being in the wrong country. Nevertheless, I still seem to harbour a particular delight in the babe as an almost-was. I look forward to getting to know her over my remaining five decades.
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