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Errantry: Novak's Journal
...Words to cast/My feelings into sculpted thoughts/To make some wisdom last
Notre Dame Journal: Conversion Anniversary; Average Day; Bro. Joe Markel 
1st-Aug-1994 11:59 pm
Golden Birthday
I was sitting in the spot I usually am when I receive my better thoughts or insights, when I picked up the realization that yesterday was an anniversary--the type of thing that I usually do not miss. July 31st marked the tenth anniversary of my accepting Christ as Saviour and becoming a Christian at 9:30pm CDT on the Island of South Padre, down where Dad is (again) now. I think that I spent those actual moments last night not in glorious celebration, but in being penitent for another typical sin, not settling down to enjoy the evening by singing as usual until later. I did have a half-hour playful conversation with Sister Kathy down in the lobby later on. The rest of the day had conversations with Bob (I remember now that I was listening to the answering machine and a message of his around 9:30 while I was being annoyed with myself), with Tim and Walter, walking around the lakes, envying Greg being at the Lyle Lovett concert that I decided to skip in order to be frugal (especially now that this check bounced--it's not my fault!!!! Aaaauugghhh!!) and reading L'Engle's Circle of Quiet and a quick look through the Epistle of Barnabas and the Didache. An altogether average day. Perhaps the truest memorial possible.

Tonight Bob and I are taking out Br. Joe for dinner in honour of him and as a farewell now that he's leaving for new work back in Ohio. I am going to miss him in the strangest way. He's just unusually comfortable and oddly fun. Laughter is always near him, and that is the sound of love and joy.
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