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Personal--Mongolian Food and Massingale

It's been a slower last few days than I'd hoped. I've found that I have some kind of abdominal pain--sharp enough that I was worried about a hernia, which is something I have to watch out for after having been disemboweled--with a bit of a lump that I could feel. I checked in with the Resident on duty yesterday, though, and found that I don't have the right symptoms for that, nor is the lump the right size. He thinks it sounds like a bit of a muscle tear around one of my permanent sutures. So I'm supposed to take it very, very easy the next few days. That means that I had to cancel my plans to go to Irish Fest yesterday with Andrei Orlov, my former classmate who is now hired and will be my professor this semester for Apocalyptic Literature. Friday I went out with him and Chris Dorn to the Mongolian restaurant out by Mayfair mall that we occasionally hit together. Lots of apocalyptic talk, and then over to wander the Barnes and Noble where we looked at philosophy books and I bought reprint copies of the unphilosophical Crisis on Infinite Earths and Batman: The Killing Joke in an effort to revisit my youth.

Also on Friday, I got to re-meet Bryan Massingale as his assistant. Along with our mutual friend Shawnee Sykes, we proceeded to do some work cleaning and arranging his office. I'd mentioned this fellow before and how excited I was to have been assigned as his assistant. We are fabulously lucky to have gotten him as he has decided to move on to full-time university work after having taught at the seminary level for the past several years. So anyway, we'll be getting together to plan for the semester and to get to know one another a bit better on Wednesday afternoon. The only drawback about being assigned to him is that he's a morning person. The first semester he's teaching two sections of Introduction to Theology and they're MWF at 9 and 10am. Thus ends my luxurious two-year streak of staying up late, sleeping in late, and having no responsibilities before noon....

The Department of Theology hasn't posted a page on him yet, but here's a quick, if dated, bio from last year that I found online at the Cushwa Center for the Study of American Catholicism at Notre Dame:

Bryan Massingale, S.T.D. St. Francis Seminary, Milwaukee

Rev. Bryan Massingale is a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. He holds a doctorate in moral theology from the Alphonsianum (Rome). He is a professor of moral theology at St. Francis Seminary in Milwaukee and a faculty member in the Institute for Black Catholic Studies at Xavier University in New Orleans. He is a noted author and lecturer in the areas of social ethics, Catholic Social Teaching, liberation theologies and racial justice. His recent work applies Catholic social thought to the issues of racial reconciliation, affirmative action, health care restructuring, and environmental justice. His professional activities include being an ethical consultant to the Milwaukee AIDS Project; he serves as a member of the Milwaukee Archdiocesan Council of Priests, the Archdiocesan Commission on Sexual Abuse by Religious Personnel, and the Sub-Committee on Formation and Curriculum of the United States Bishops' Committee for the Diaconate; he is an active member of the National Black Catholic Clergy Caucus and the Black Catholic Theological Symposium.

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