Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Theological Notebook: Dissertation Defense Snafu

I had expected the scheduling process yesterday to be much more difficult, with a lot of back-and-forth negotiation between faculty member's calendars, so I was delighted when April 9th opened up as painlessly as it did to become a matching "window" in everyone's schedule. My casual announcement in my last journal entry on this surprise victory was then read this morning, leading to protesting email responses from friends regarding the overlap with the Upper Midwest American Academy of Religion/Society of Biblical Literature conference.

It just turns out to be my poor luck that the one afternoon so wonderfully free in all five faculty schedules turns out to be the same afternoon that most of my best friends in the program are presenting papers in Minnesota. So I get to be the guy who throws a party people can't come to, making this all a lot less fun than I thought it was going to be.
Tags: academia, dissertation, friends-marquette era, personal, theological notebook

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