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Personal--An Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

Hey all,

Just checking in real quick to say that I'm back from the hospital, again. After being discharged last Wednesday afternoon, I immediately managed to be on such a wrong dosage of my new maintenance medicine that by Thursday I had entirely shut down my digestive process.

You do not ever want to do this to yourself.

I felt constipated through Thursday and Friday woke up to simply begin vomiting. Every ten minutes. For three hours. Severely dehydrating, I got to my surgeon's clinic operating on what the nurses there told my aunt--who drove me--was entirely "Survival Mode": as soon as I managed to identify myself (Dr. Telford had them expecting me), I collapsed as soon as I was put on an examination bed. While the pace slowed down, I still managed to keep vomiting until 4am Saturday morning. After so many IVs put in me that I became the Human Fountain, I was coached through a much more conservative build-up of my medication and released early this evening. After watching the Olympics, I'm now going to pass out and enjoy sleep uninterrupted by nurses demanding to take my vitals every two hours. So, my apologies to those of you who had sent me IMs over the last four days to my left-on computer and especially to aristotle2002, whose phone message told me that he (again) sat around today outside my building wondering where the freaking hell I was. Special thanks to daisy_days for sending a card all the way from the Other Side of the Pond (I was a bit baffled, as it was clearly not the handwriting of Peter the Medieval Historian in London, who is the only person who typically actually sends physical mail to me from Over There) and to weaklingrecords for sending me a multi-disc collection of What's Currently Cool Music That I'm Too Clueless To Have Heard On My Own. Both much appreciated. And now, I pass out.
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