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Personal/Theological Notebook: Dissertation Defense Scheduled

The dissertation defense was scheduled today, with incredible painlessness. I had expected to have to trek back and forth, negotiating between people's busy schedules, but I went right down the list and clarity appeared with no effort whatsoever. So on Friday the afternoon of April 9th, 2010, from 230-430pm, I will lay it all out in front of Professors Fahey, Carey, Wood, Mattox and Mueller and discover the final worth of the project. It's an ecclesiological Dream Team, so it will be kind of amazing to have that much attention given to the work, and to hear entirely unexpected perspectives on it, despite whatever foreshadowing I've had from Fahey and from talks with Sullivan. Looking forward to it!

Today was the 14th anniversary of Grandma Novak's death: it doesn't seem possible that it could have been so long.
Tags: academia, dissertation, family, marquette, personal, theological notebook
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