Novak (novak) wrote,

Notre Dame Journal: Reading; Bridget, First Friday Novena, Cavadini; Great Talk with Tom and Kate

Woke late after reading til 3 or 4. Spent the afternoon continuing to play with Eco and thinking about the Trinity for my essay for LaCugna. Read Tom's essay and had some objections, but he focused me for my own writing although some of that turned out to be a misinterpretation on my part. Went looking for him in the afternoon, passing once again that strange girl, which set me to wondering. Never found him.

Eventually ran into Bridget who said she'd pick me up for the First Friday Novena. This she did after supper, all decked out for a big date with some Ph.D. laddie that she met last week. It was fun to see how excited she was and so pleased to have been asked out. Got there about half way through and spent most of the time talking with Tony and then a while with John Cavadini (the night's honorary bartender) who was all abuzz about a new class on miracles that he was going to be designing next semester. The only class he's teaching next semester on patristic exegesis sounds like a must-take, which screws up all my plans unless the department manages to set the History of Christianity M.A. in motion by the end of this semester. Afterwards I finally found Tom and discussed the essay with him and got straightened out on what I was messing up.

Went home and read as he went off to the library. Around 11 when I got antsy, I went over to the library to run some ideas about persons in the Trinity past Tom, and he dodged that and wanted to talk Schillebeeckx with Kate, who he had told that he might stop by. So we went over and hung out at her place until 2:30 or so talking about everything But Schillebeeckx--knowledge and theology, modernism and post-modernism, literature, L'Engle, Lewis, and a long bit about our childhoods and our earliest memories. A wondrously fun evening.
Tags: books, cavadini, christology, conversations, friends-notre dame era, l'engle, lewis, notre dame, patristics, personal, systematic theology, teachers, theological notebook

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