Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Nathaniel Leaving; Packing Up

Yurk! No sooner is aristotle2002 out the door--just after giving me the most tantalizing information about how I could very well start my university teaching career at Oxford--than I am running around getting things ready for my surgery at 8:30am tomorrow. The second part of the surgery (see May) looks to be much easier--since it's just to close everything up and get me working again--than the first part. Either way, I'll be in Froedtert Hospital for at least three days, and perhaps as much as five. Visitors are astonishing! Phone calls always encouraged! (I guess you ask for Mike Novak at 414-805-5505) Prayers even more appreciated. So Peace, all: sorry I've not been around to read your adventures over the last week and won't be over the next.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, personal

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