Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: On the Phone with Leslie and with Sophie

Just on the phone with my sister. We were catching up on a bit of one another's news, such as her being woken in the middle of the night on the 10th by the mild earthquake in northern Illinois. So just now, in the middle of the conversation, I suddenly hear her say:
"What? Ew. No, you can't change your poopy diaper by yourself! I gotta call you back."
Sophie (now 2 3/4) apparently tried to help Mommy out by attempting to change her own messy diaper. Disaster narrowly averted.

Sophie gave Leslie a cool quotable moment the other day by telling her how much she loved her. Leslie responded by asking if Sophie loved her a lot or a little.
"A little."

"Just a little?"

"I'm little!" Sophie explained.
So I had the longest (and most intelligible) conversation ever with Sophie on the phone, who had much to tell me about their dog Lucky being naughty and his new collar, about the color of her pink pajamas, about the need to make a new snowman to replace the melting one, and about her new guitar, which she then proceeded to "play" for me over the phone, which meant pushing its various buttons for pre-programmed music. I told her that I had two guitars, myself, and then she went on to try to show me the various toy guitars they had in the house, as well as to show me their computers and so forth. There was only so much being "shown" things over the telephone that was intelligible, so that's about when I cut the conversation short and said good-bye to her and to Mommy.
Tags: family, personal, quotations, sophia

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