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Personal/Theological Notebook: The Weight of the Thing

It's weird to say I've been "too busy to post," as that's the sort of thing I might say after just what I'd consider a "normal" or maybe slightly-excessive level of "busy." But the last few days have been as excessive in tearing through revisions and reformatting that it puts to shame just about everything I've considered "busy" to this point in life. (I discovered a bug in Microsoft Word that turned the combined chapters into something that looked like a ransom note, requiring me to go through the entire thing, paragraph by paragraph, to reformat it on top of actual content revising. Yay.)

There's nothing to do for it: finishing the dissertation and getting things prepared is a matter of juggling six busy people's schedules, and demanding that they read a 300-page book on top of it, and so I can't be surprised. I have to say, though, printing out the draft for Professor Fahey's full read-through was slightly awesome this afternoon. I'm sure there will be some revisions after that in order to smooth a few things out across the chapters, but it was cool to heft the thing and look at it as a unit. That pile lacked the conclusion, the first draft of which I just got back in the mail today, but I'll re-work that in the next few days. But Bob treated me to lunch today over at Miss Katie's Diner, and when I met him in the Library after printing the thing out, we ran into Mike and they were able to enjoy the moment with me of just having that concrete object in my hand. So it was a satisfying moment, then, on the way over to the Diner, to drop that pile into a Priority Mail box and send it out.

It's still not "finished finished," of course, and I've got a separate list of later, more advanced revisions to knock off over the summer in order to get it ready for publication as a book, but it's cool to have as accomplished a publisher/editor as Fr. Fahey treat its book status as a matter of course. I've been thinking about these ideas daily for over two years now, and was working on hatching those ideas for nearly two years before that, and it's to the point where I can barely "see" the thing anymore: so I'm finding this collaborative work of submitting it all to other people's judgment to be far more of a gift than a trial.
Tags: dissertation, friends-marquette era, personal, theological notebook, writing

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