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Personal: Nathaniel visiting Marquette

Coming back from Jamaica, I was delayed for one hour in Montego Bay due to American Airlines' computers all going down to a computer virus. I still got to Miami with my folks and my Aunt Pat with three hours to spare for our flight to Chicago. That's when the electrical storm hit. I spent 20 sleepless hours in the airport and finally made it back yesterday, just in time to spend the night at my sister's and leave aristotle2002 standing around at my place in Milwaukee wondering where the hell I was.

Fortunately, he spent the night with friends in Madison, and now is safe here were we have been enjoying pub food and drink ("Guinness!" he shouts, "Mention Guinness!") and talking about
• the derivatives market
• PJ McCurry getting married
• paparazzi and their effects on our lives
• nature and grace (the true epicenter of all conversation)
• the Tolkien manuscript collections here at Marquette
• the finer points of being a hard-ass on your first days of ever teaching school
• the absence of Catholic martyr memorials at Oxford despite being the clear majority of martyrs
• what Phillip Kennedy, OP and Fr. David M. Coffey have in common
• rules I was or was not breaking in my melody on "Listen To You"
• the perils of teaching the opposite sex
• Benjamin Evans
• the advantages of crewing the first eight
• school architecture and its direct influence on the soul
• defects in Peter Jackson's adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings (Glamdring's not glowing, Arwen as replacement for Glorfindel and thereby diluter of the boldness of the characterization of Éowyn/Dernhelm)
• praise for Jackson's obsessive attention to visual detail particularly as we noted in the Chamber of Mazarbul
• the proper characterization of Anthony Blanche in Brideshead Revisited and the literature in general of Evelyn Waugh
• public hot-zones for wireless internet
• Professor Hugh Page of Notre Dame's thesis that Prince is a prophet
and some other things that are more random and less important for you to know.

I'm now going back to the conversation.
Tags: books, coffey, conversations, family, friends-notre dame era, grace and freedom/nature, moments that justify my life, movies/film/tv, musical, personal, theological notebook, tolkien, travel, waugh

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