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Personal: Fever Breaking and Crappy Friend

Well, my fever's breaking after three days. That's a relief, although I have to say that the "sweats" stage of that process kind of bites. Seriously, what's up with the human body? Would it have been too much to ask for one of these bodily processes of ours to result in wildly glossy and extra bouncy hair? Or refreshed, baby-like skin? Or a pleasant lilac scent?

I just wish this would have happened last night. Still in the midst of it this afternoon, I ended up not even being able to sneak in Jessica's wedding ceremony, which I had hoped to make it to, even if I was still too ill to go to the wedding reception. So I feel like a complete heel to miss her big day. The Gospels are not cool about people who don't show up for wedding banquets, so I have to keep reminding myself that those are parables.... But Jessica's been the best student I've had here, has become a good friend, and it would have been kind of grand to see the symmetry of her wedding as the end of her time at Marquette after having seen her at the beginning when I discovered her in my Intro To Theology class. I really do feel like I owe her a few free thumps off the head with a good cudgel for missing the ceremony, but that'll have to wait.

So, fever breaking, I ventured outside a few minutes ago to grab a few much-needed groceries. And Holy Freaking Moses! It's 5ºF and breezy outside! Huddled in blankets (during the chills) over the last three days, or tossing them aside (during the sweats), it's like I'd forgotten what winter felt like! C-C-C-Cold!
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