Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Sunrises Versus Sunsets

Up at 5am this morning, and now the sky over Lake Michigan is starting to lighten, with bands of deepest maroon, dusky rose, and even hints of dark green, foreshadowing the rising of the Sun.

I have to say, there's something I really dig about sunrises that is entirely different from what I dig about sunsets. Sunsets (the best ones ever were the ones over Saint Mary's Lake at Notre Dame, looking westward over the lake, with the effects probably heightened by the air pollution from Gary, Indiana) are like watching a fireworks display: all dazzling sky art. Sunrises, with the slow build-up that I'm watching now, especially with how much of the horizon I can glimpse from being up on this 6th floor apartment I call "The Ledge," are more like a symphony beginning to tune and warm up, with a sudden explosion into music. Both great, but different.
Tags: beauty, milwaukee, notre dame, personal, weather

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