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Errantry: Novak's Journal
...Words to cast/My feelings into sculpted thoughts/To make some wisdom last
Personal: Sunrises Versus Sunsets 
12th-Dec-2009 06:19 am
Tetons and Me
Up at 5am this morning, and now the sky over Lake Michigan is starting to lighten, with bands of deepest maroon, dusky rose, and even hints of dark green, foreshadowing the rising of the Sun.

I have to say, there's something I really dig about sunrises that is entirely different from what I dig about sunsets. Sunsets (the best ones ever were the ones over Saint Mary's Lake at Notre Dame, looking westward over the lake, with the effects probably heightened by the air pollution from Gary, Indiana) are like watching a fireworks display: all dazzling sky art. Sunrises, with the slow build-up that I'm watching now, especially with how much of the horizon I can glimpse from being up on this 6th floor apartment I call "The Ledge," are more like a symphony beginning to tune and warm up, with a sudden explosion into music. Both great, but different.
13th-Dec-2009 01:40 am (UTC)
i give the edge to sunrises.
14th-Dec-2009 03:11 pm (UTC)
I've thought about it, but I'm going to plead "apples and oranges." :-)
14th-Dec-2009 03:33 pm (UTC)
I think maybe it is my age or something that makes me give the edge to sunrises. Something about after the night, the morning or something or other.
14th-Dec-2009 12:51 pm (UTC)
When is your sunrise now? Ours is not until about 8:45am. It's mostly dark!
14th-Dec-2009 03:15 pm (UTC)
I can imagine: despite how mild the climate is, compared to our, in the British Isles, you are quite a bit to the north of us, even with Milwaukee being relatively north in the United States. A week before the solstice, sunrise today was at 7:15am CST and sunset will be 4:17pm CST, and that's plenty dark enough for me. I only realized how much of a difference your latitude made in 1997, when I was in Northern Ireland for the first time in late May, and the sun was going down around 10pm and coming up around 4am. I didn't mind that, but I was then horrified to imagine what that meant for the winters. :-)
14th-Dec-2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
We are surprisingly far north - on a line with Moscow and Copenhagen, or Grande Prairie in Alberta. It's the warm climate that is deceptive - averages of 6C in midwinter, to 19C in midsummer. That's the Gulf Stream for you! (Speaking of, a very interesting article on why northern European's are so pale, much more so than native peoples of similar latitudes such as Inuit and Native Americans.) Right now, we get daylight from about 8:45am to 3:45pm. But in midsummer it never really gets dark - the light patch just moves round the northern horizon!

I knew a guy from Berkeley (CA) who initially got lost here because the first time he visited was winter, with sunset in the far south-west, and the second time was summer, with sunset in the far north-west and he got his compass directions mixed up by 90 degrees as a result.

I like our extremes, although most people don't. But I do wish we got more wintery weather. Off to decorate the tree now!
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