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Personal/Musical: Music on a Snowy December Afternoon

Just back in from talking the Second Vatican Council with my Intro students, and a walk back with Erynn, who I ran into outside of LaLumiere Hall, to hear her news of showing her photographs to a director at Vogue in New York in a few weeks. All good news, despite the setting. It's snowy. Windy. Cold. Miserable outside and so it's so good to be inside where it's warm.

I'm right back to listening to what was my chosen music of the morning: Bill Evan's Alone, solo piano that sounds so good with this mood of weather.

But it's time to make the seasonal shift: iTunes is now set up: Bill Evans directly into the Vince Guaraldi Trio's A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is the singlemost indispensable Christmas album, ever.
Tags: class-intro to theology, friends-marquette era, milwaukee, musical, personal, weather

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