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Personal: Nieces' Secret Code-Names Revealed!

Just got off the phone from talking with Leslie, Grace, and Sophie, with Haley making her standard refusal to talk on the phone. The nieces had their cousins – the daughters of Jim's brother John and his wife Natalie – visiting over the weekend after having Thanksgiving with us up in Milwaukee. Along with remaking their beds into boats and sailing to China for a look-around (with a stopover in Hawaii), they also played hide-n-seek with the innovation of code names. I think the cousins found some use for their piano lessons, as the code names were:
Grace: Tchaikovsky
Haley: Rachmaninoff
Sophie: John Williams
Julia: Bach the Second
Kayla: Faber
Olivia: they couldn't remember
I wish I could have actually heard them addressing one another by these names. Awesomeness.
Tags: family, funny, grace, haley, personal, sophia

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