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Personal: High School Dream with Evil Little Sister

Heh. I woke up in an absolute snit from a dream where I was back in high school, in the days when my sister and I used to fight like the proverbial cats and dogs. For the very vivid duration of the dream, I was back in high school, where Leslie had dismissively informed me that she had taken my favourite sweater (a rich crimson knit sweater, which never existed in reality, although I now realize it reminds me of a rich purple sweater I wore at the time) and had shrunk it down to fit her because she thought it looked better on her. Naturally, I blew up because she did this without even asking me and was acting as though she had a perfect right to do so. I woke up wanting to shout something like, "You've got to be kidding me!" Then, after a breath to get my bearings and realize what was going on, busted out laughing.
Tags: dreams, funny, high school, personal

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