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Personal: Too Busy To Sleep Week; Jordan and Sanderson's "The Gathering Storm" Released

Well, my head is still spinning from work, from the couple days' ache I always seem to get after getting the flu vaccine, from sleep deprivation, and from getting the last of the main applications all out. It's going to feel sweet just to settle back into regular writing with the dissertation.

But I do have to note that The Gathering Storm, the new volume of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time, posthumously published with the aid of Brandon Sanderson working from the notes and outlines Jordan left along with those chapters he had completed, is absolutely out of this world. Several threads of the story have come to their climax, and even when there was enough foreshadowing to make for a reasonable guess as to the way some plot point or other was going to be resolved, it still was nevertheless edge-of-your-seat action and drama. Seven stars on a five-point scale. It's just too bad my brother can't keep up with the reading: now that Joe's a dad (Nate's first birthday was on Thursday) he only gets time for a bit to read here and there, and so he (slightly) ruefully said on Thursday that he was only up to chapter eight by the time I had finished the volume. But that just means to get to extend the pleasure of reading it for the first time, so I don't think there's anything wrong with that....

I meant to pass my volume on to Mike last night when we all gathered at Dan and Amy's to celebrate Amy's birthday and to enjoy the company of Bob, who was back in town for another dissertation sprint, but I left it on the shelf when I rushed out the door. Mike was dismayed, as he thought it wasn't going to be released for a little while longer, yet, and so I ended up being a tease in that he could have had it "early," if only I had remembered. So I owe him one, there.
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