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Personal: Catching Up With Kate

Had a long, lovely talk with Kate last night, up in British Columbia. It had been a while since we caught up, and it was good just to hear her voice and feel her spirit. It's been five years since we have actually laid eyes on one another, when she and Paul flew me up to visit them using their own frequent flyer miles for me, while they were trying to get in all the visitors they could before Kate gave birth to their first, Sophia, the next month. Now Sophia, who was almost my goddaughter, before I was disqualified for being too distant, is five years old and starting in a French immersion school. Kate and Paul are both working different careers than when I saw them, and life rolls on. One of the things that attracts me to a Canadian teaching position is just to take advantage of some of those in-country travel opportunities, just so that I could see them more frequently. I've been repeatedly blessed in not only having old "best friends" who have remained such despite the interruptions of time and distance, but also in their acquiring spouses who I enjoy just as fully, and who welcome me just as generously.

So we talked current job stuff, and I filled her in on the prospects for professorships in the coming year, some of which we talked over in greater detail. We ranged from the seriousness of talking about interviews, with her full of what she cheerfully admitted was unsolicited advice, all of which was more than sensible, to less serious bits of fun like the upcoming release of the 12th volume of The Wheel of Time the latest season of Smallville, and the not-entirely-unrealistic possibilities of getting onto the Vancouver set of Smallville as extras, just to look around. We did a bit of mutual net-surfing, directing one another to a few things we wanted the other to see, and she got a good laugh or two out of seeing my shots of her eight months pregnant in my photo album, which she hadn't seen before, especially the one she had forgotten about where she posed in a large garden pot, since she was "about to bloom." She even sketched out for me the kernel idea of a writing project she's starting to play with, which was a great surprise, and which I thought was a timely theme with a lot of innate potential. She would not tell me any more, however, until she could do so in a coffeehouse, which just adds to my need to get up thereabouts as soon as reasonably possible.
Tags: friends-notre dame era, movies/film/tv, personal, robert jordan

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