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Personal/Random: Nice Compliment Amid Midterms; "Everwood" Reunion on "Grey's"

Gave my Midterm earlier this afternoon. I got a grand compliment when one guy, turning in his exam, asked me if I was teaching any mid-level courses this spring. I was slightly amazed, both that someone already had decided I was worth taking again, and because of the context of asking while I was terrifying them with my exam.

Now I'm eating a late lunch and watching last night's Grey's Anatomy. I know Mercy West hospital is merging with Seattle Grace Hospital, but honestly: it's more like the wonderful cast of my favourite family drama, the late and celebrated Everwood is merging with Grey's. Last week had the versatile Tom Amandes guest-starring, who I still miss in the choice role of Dr. Harold Abbott, who began as the occasional comic relief and became the social heart of the show. And now this week has all of Amy Abbott's friends joining the staff, with the wonderful Sarah Drew, who played Hannah Rogers on Everwood, and Nora Zehetner, who played Laynie Hart, the girl Hannah replaced as Amy's best friend. Now if Grey's would just give homes to the Everwood powerhouses: writers like Michael Green and John E. Pogue....
Tags: class-intro to theology, everwood, favourite shows, movies/film/tv, personal, random, students, teaching

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