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Personal: On Talking to the Nieces on the Phone, or Not

Just back in after doing a two hour review session with some students for my Midterm Exam tomorrow for Introduction To Theology. I talked with Sophie and then Grace on the phone today, with Haley declining phone conversation, as usual. Sophie talked mostly of painting flowers at pre-school (green and purple), and tried to tell me that she was playing with puzzles a lot at home, although I needed Grace to translate that for me. Grace spoke of doing a lot of math at school, of the cold and drizzly weather we were both having, and expressed her horror when I mentioned having to deal with a student who cheated. Then Sophie, I think, opened a door and Lucky shot right through it, leading to confused scrambling just as Grace was going to ask Haley again if she wanted to talk. She put down the phone and everyone tore after the little Yorkshire terrier. While Leslie then drilled the girls on taking care of the dog before opening doors to the outside, Grace forgot about the phone. I listened to the house settled down and everyone getting back into their routines for about seven minutes while I did some typing, laughing to myself about when Grace might remember the phone or someone might discover the open line. At that point, I just decided to stop spending any more minutes. A little while later, Leslie callled, laughing about discovering the phone beeping, and Grace suddenly remembering and saying, "Uh-oh...."
Tags: family, funny, grace, haley, personal, sophia

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