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Personal/Musical/Theological Notebook: Back from Over The Rhine and Vienna Teng

Just in from an evening with Mike and Donna (and Mike's visiting brother Nick) down at the gorgeous old Papst Theater in Milwaukee taking in a show by Over The Rhine, with Vienna Teng opening for them. She was new to me, with me only have heard one song of hers from Emily. Swoon. Both with lovely sets, and OTR as good as I've ever seen them. I wish I could follow them the next two nights to Madison and Minneapolis, as Mike was thinking would be cool, if only I weren't going to trump good music with visiting family over the weekend. Anyway, concert details to follow. And bootlegs.

Mike and I were naturally curious in seeing a song entitled "Augustine" on her latest disc, and in talking with her after the show, she told us of reading The Confessions as a freshman at Stanford, and the sense of struggle or challenge in the text staying with her across the years until she wrote the song. So I'll drop her name for a little extra celebrity glitter when I try to sell reading our large selection of The Confessions to my own freshmen in a few weeks.

Tags: augustine, musical, over the rhine, personal, theological notebook, youtube

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