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Personal: Michaelmas 2009; Dinner with Bob

Keeping with my own little tradition:


Milk; Tuscon, Arizona, 1976? - ; Saint Michael, 2008

When I went looking for a new Saint Michael image to decorate my page with for this year's Michaelmas, I couldn't make myself really consider anything but this stunning contemporary take on the Saint Michael motif by a Tuscon artist called Milk. The combination of classical aspects of the representation, along with contemporary details of dress and accessories, and some of the characteristic items or flourishes in Milk's other work – it just couldn't be beat.

I really shouldn't do anything to celebrate the Feast today, because I've been feasted by friends all thoughout the weekend: I just really need to work! Even after all the scheduled and impromptu festivities of Friday and Saturday, I was surprised Sunday evening to find Bob Foster at my door, having zipped into town for a one night only, drive-by library attack. He had sent out a warning email the day before, which I only heard about from Dan because my incoming email had been fritzing for a few days, and wanted me, Dan, and Mike to have lunch with him on Monday. I had just sent back an email explaining that I taught from 12-2pm, and wouldn't be able to make it, and so I found him at my door, insisting on taking me out to dinner. I suggested we just walk over to the classic Miss Katie's Diner, which students never go to, for some reason, and which he didn't think he had ever been to, himself. (Although as we approached he remembered going over there with me and Kari-Shane back around our first year at Marquette or so.) There we had a huge talk, mostly me getting news of Carmen and the kids, and then the two of us wandering off into a discussion of the historical boundaries of what's recorded in the New Testament and when you recognize the historicized presentation of literary motifs (like the details of Jesus' temptation in the desert following conventions of Jewish midrash or commentary, rather than being presented in the text as a blow-by-blow narrative or historical description). How and what you teach to the more general reader or believer was where we were really going with that, and the problems of academic yet still orthodox biblical reading in the Evangelical world. It was interesting to hear his thoughts as a biblical scholar and teacher. As we dashed back through the rain to campus, we congratulated ourselves on this ongoing friendship that has stayed strong despite the comparative rarity of our being able to actually enjoy one another's company. Describing the evening to Dad when he called later that evening, he remarked once again just how blessed I've been in my friendships.

So Tuesday remains a strong work day, sending out a pair of job applications and doing some more chapter work. The job listings continue to fill out. Even though there's still less entries than last year, it seems that the ones I'm qualified for are more consistently looking for someone with my particular qualifications, so it may be a pretty fertile job field, after all. Let's hope!
Tags: art, biblical studies, friends-marquette era, gospels, michaelmas, personal

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