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Personal: Dissertation Dream

Dissertation psychology: I had a dream that a grinning friend of mine ran over my laptop, with latest dissertation chapter and work in it, which I had inexplicably left running and sitting by the side of road, where I was apparently picnicking with my Dad and a few friends. Throughout the rest of the night, however long that may have been in my dreaming, I am freaking out and trying to coax data out of the remains of the computer, which now has no screen as the top has fallen off, but which I can tell is still working from various coloured lights and from bits like old plastic clockworks I can still see moving inside through holes in the casing.

Further dissertation psychology: upon starting to come to consciousness, my first reaction isn't instinctive relief that none of this is real, as it was only just a dream, but utter annoyance at all the hours I just wasted trying to fix a computer that didn't need fixing, when I could have been working on my dissertation.
Tags: dissertation, dreams, personal, psychological

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