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Personal: Medical; Tillich on Art; Philosopher-Models; Off To Victoria

Crazy, crazy day. But good crazy. Woke up to a barage of political philosophy which was a weird segue to 80s flashback radio on my alarm clock. Responded to that, showered, responded some more until I finally had to break to eat lunch and go to the appointment with my surgeon that I'd forgotten about the day before while I was having a long, slow conversation with my slow and careful orthodontist. After thoroughly confusing the med student who interviewed me first, by an initial misunderstanding/ambiguity on my part, my surgeon came in semi-alarmed that I'd suffered memory/brain damage from my colectomy. One can only imagine how. After a charming and year-long examination of my new internal make up, he sent me off with a stern warning to stop reading, recording music, writing, or typing in Live Journal and forgetting to eat the occasional meal. He told me to eat at McDonald's every day, if I could manage. I love my doctor.

Then I stopped in the Union and had a donut while continuing to read my fabulous "Art and Ultimate Reality" essay by Paul Tillich (pick it up now!), only to be interrupted by my favourite recent philosophy grad, Megan Rooney, who makes me laugh every time I talk to her, as well as slightly blurring my mind as she's also tied for the most beautiful-looking philosopher I've ever met. She's having trouble finding a job and filled me in on the latest humiliation of futile pavement-pounding. She can't find an interesting job, or even a tolerable job, and she doesn't want to model because that would be sooo boring, even if it paid the bills. I tried to smile understandingly. Then I was marooned by weird random rainfalls, had--at Tillich's direction--a brief, ecstatic aesthetic experience over a small miserable scan of Courbet's "Wave." Then in the library I managed to bump into someone who knew where everything that I wanted to research was because he had been reading in that direction, too, so I now have the best of the Art and Theology section of the collection.

Weird, random conversations, phone calls of mysterious origin and now I'm packing at 1:30 (sorry, Mom!) to get up at 6:30 to go to Canada where my friends Paul and Kate have given me a plane ticket because they so wanted to see me even in spite of my currently fixed budget. So I'm on my way to Victoria, British Columbia, to kiss the place where the mountains meet the sea meet the sky. And they're flying me there first class, even. Oh... I can't tell you how looking forward to this I am. You know what I mean about being with "your people?" The people who not only love having you around, but where pretty much every word, every off-the-cuff joke, every silence is so filled with understanding one another that you feel that nothing more can be right with the moment? Kate Fagan (best friend from Master's classes) and Paul Taylor are those kind of people. And I have more of them than I deserve in my life: this crazy ticket, others who are buying a house and my friend's wife says, "And we have to have a room for Mike to stay in," and too many others to describe. Oh, I've been missing this....

I'm off!
Tags: art, beauty, friends-notre dame era, personal, philosophical, theological notebook, travel-2004 victoria

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