Novak (novak) wrote,

Random: The Perfect Male Form

A lot of people would probably pick Michelangelo's David as the perfect male form, if asked. I cannot think of any more classic and universal image of the male body, unless it were Leonardo's Vitruvian Man. I had so been saturated with pictures of the David growing up and in studying art that I really wasn't too concerned with seeing it when I was in Florence, and I was therefore unprepared for how different and overwhelming the experience was in person, as I've related elsewhere. I'm a big Michelangelo fan, and I cannot fault anyone who would feel that the David is the greatest representation of the male form. But if that perfect form could then perfectly move....

Tonight as I sat down to a dinner of a chicken breast and some veggies in a light sesame sauce, I flipped on Turner Classic Movies to see if there was something there that would distract me while I ate, and I discovered that they were showing Summer Stock, which I had never seen. For my money, there is no greater representation of the beauty of the male form than Gene Kelly doing some utterly casual-looking and seemingly-improvisational piece of dance....
Tags: art, beauty, michelangelo, movies/film/tv, random

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