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Personal: The Nieces' Odd Sense of Humour

I was just sorting a few things out from my bookbag and pulled out a small pile of items that are provoking this entry, since I don't know that I can keep the pile itself in any tidy way.

I am pleased to admit that my nieces' sense of humour is decidedly odd. I'm pleased to admit this because if their sense of humour was only "mainstream," I would feel as badly for them as I do for kids who grow up only listening to and liking the music that they are currently told to like by the Top 40 radio stations. So, current oddity: when I got down to my sister's the other day, I was presented with a gift from the girls, wrapped in construction paper and addressed to me. The gift turned out to be several "pairs" of construction paper underwear, cut out vaguely in the triangular shape of cotton briefs: they thought that giving me these was hysterical. They had dreamed this up on the previous visit and given me a few such items then; now I had a stack of them. This set was different in that the mostly red (and a few blue) pairs of underwear now featured the following slogans printed on the front:
You are the best.
You are a rotten Patato.
[sic] (See what I wrote above about odd humour; in this case Haley's love of calling things "rotten.")
You are in 1st Place.
Check it out!
You are awsome.
Check it out!
And, my personal favourite, for its inexplicable presence in the stack (Leslie theorized it might be the contribution of their neighbour friend Lisa, who was apparently also roped into this task by the girls before I arrived):
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