Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Haley Turns 5 ... Finally!

Haley turned five today. Her excitement has been kind of hysterical. Last night Leslie and I were talking a bit while she worked on packing presents and decorating for today's family dual birthday party for her and Grace, who turned seven a few weeks ago. At 10:45pm, Haley came tearing down the stairs and asked with breathless intensity whether it was tomorrow yet. Leslie was trying not to laugh too much (as well as trying to keep her from seeing everything) and explained to her that "tomorrow" was still some eight hours away. So back to bed Haley went, slightly baffled that it somehow wasn't morning yet. Half an hour later, thump thump thump: down the stairs again and asking if it was tomorrow now. Too cute.

When Leslie made it to bed by around 1am, Haley was [still?] up, asking if it was time to get up, while Leslie wearily told her that she was just going to bed. At 6:40am this morning, down in the new basement guest room, I heard again: thump thump thump. This time she'd rallied Grace and Sophie with her. Since I'd already woken up, I went up and tried to relieve Leslie, offering to watch the girls in these early hours so she could get a touch more sleep, but no such luck: the girls insisted on her company....
Tags: family, haley, personal

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