Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Back From Melanie's Final Recital at IU Bloomington

Great weekend--traveling down to the music school at IU Bloomington to hear Melanie's graduate flute recital. I just wish so much of the music hadn't been completely over my head. I'll have to hear the recording a dozen times to make sense of it. I forget sometimes how straightforward even the more complex forms of rock or folk are. It was weird listening to so much music where I couldn't even be sure of the emotions being conveyed. Man, I felt like a novice.

But it was great to see everyone again: Kev and Mel, Kim and Aly, Steve and Erin, Katie and Caitlin -- it was a whirlwind, but a blast of one. And getting to meet a pile of new people, too! Coming back to Marquette was very anti-climactic, since the campus is pretty much shut down.
Tags: friends-marquette era, friends-notre dame era, musical, personal, travel

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