Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: Major E-Mail Disaster

Great. I just discovered that none of my outgoing mail since late last week, when I updated my operating system has gone out. I thought I re-sent a bunch of it Monday or Tuesday, when I first got a glimpse of the problem, but that was just me, still living under the prior illusion that things were going out. Fortunately I can still send stuff by using the AOL account through my web browser, but until this bug is fixed, my actual program is shot.

I just managed to re-send the stuff I'd written tonight, which was still in the AOL program when I tried to shut it down, popping up to ask, "What about these letters?" So if you're wondering why I've not written you back about such-and-such in the last few days, well, actually I did....
Tags: computing, internet, personal

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