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Personal: Bastille Days with Dan Kern and Terry Crowe

Just dragging myself in from the first night of the "Bastille Days" French Festival down in Cathedral Square. Went down with Dan Kern and Terry Crowe and largely just wandered around. There wasn't a great deal that was particularly French, especially when you compare it to a Milwaukee staple like the Irish Fest, which is the largest Irish Fest in the States and has oodles of artists over from Ireland. I had a glass of a Beaujolais that was a bit too bitter in the middle for me, but nevertheless got me pleasantly buzzed on an empty stomach. Most of the booths selling food were no more French than anything else, and I expect that you can see them at the German Fest or the Arab Fest virtually unchanged except the theme on the sign.

We heard the tail end of a set by a mildly goofy local pixie-in-petticoats of a singer-songwriter named Stephanie Dosen, who seemed to have a pleasing "thrum" to the songs that I heard, and then later, after some chicken for me, we took in a loud, rambunctious set with plenty of people hopping up to dance by local blues favourites Reverend Raven. After an hour of that we cut out as the crowd was becoming too big to bother at around 10 and called it a night. Have you noticed that if you listen to the blues for too long it will all start to sound the same? When you're having a good time with it, we thought, you don't want to say so long that you blow it like that. And I can't believe how tired I am. So much for Frenchness.
Tags: friends-marquette era, milwaukee, musical, personal, restaurants

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