Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal: A Lot of Reasons to Make Choices

I read an interesting note from Dr. Lysaught a bit ago when I got in from dissertating downstairs at Starbucks, encouraging me to try to grab a newly-posted Systematic Theology position, and noting that:
New Zealand is supposed to be a very interesting place to live. They use the British system -- only teach theology students. That sounds dreamy. I'd say it's worth an application.
I looked at it, and briefly thought about it, but four objections came immediately to mind with astonishing power:

Not to mention everyone else I love. I was willing to consider work in the U.K., knowing that that's a seven-hour plane ride, and having had domestic travel that lasts longer, given delays and connections, but New Zealand is far enough that the trouble of the distance seemed too prohibitive.
Tags: academia, personal, travel

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