Novak (novak) wrote,

Personal/Random: Mike Defeated

While doing laundry, I was keeping half an eye on the BSG auction going on today of the set material on the Auction Network. I actually bid on the attractive chaise lounge that I'd admired in Baltar's house/"dream house" on Caprica. And, surprisingly, it seemed no one else was interested... except Matt Campagna, a filmmaker and host of a website called "BSGCast," who was a big Gaius Baltar fan, and was helping report on the auction on Auction Network. This was the one thing he wanted to step away from the camera for and bid on. It was surreal to hear them using my username, making fun of it and goading me to bid more. Being wretchedly poor, of course, I only could go up to $300, and so he got it for $400. And then came back to the camera freaking out that (and this was apparently something he knew from being around the props people) he had gotten a $10,000 designer lounge for $400.


I say he owes me a speaking part in an upcoming film of his.
Tags: bsg, favourite shows, funny, internet, movies/film/tv, personal, random

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