Novak (novak) wrote,

Musical: "Weird Al" at Rockford's Metro Centre

It says too much about me that the first concert I ever bothered to go to was the summer of 1985's The Stupid Tour by "Weird Al" Yankovic at the Metro Centre in Rockford with my friend Scott Garman, who had just finished his freshman year at Iowa State. Although I was kind of unwittingly soaking in all the wonderfully diverse music of the 80s from the radio, I rarely actually bought any music, much less even learned the names of songs and artists. I just wasn't paying that much attention, honestly. Going to a high school with a huge vocal music program, often with multiple rehearsals in a day and a pretty full gig calendar, I would be a bit thrown when people asked me what music I was into. "Ours...." was my usual response, which would usually throw them, in turn. "Weird Al" appealed to me, though, because I actually found his lyrics more clever than the lyrics of the songs he parodied, and that kind of musical satire grabbed my attention. (And I had to give credit to a band that did so many styles so well.) I was a regular listener of Dr. Demento's syndicated show on late Sunday nights, sacrificing some sleep to listen to it in bed, making Monday mornings especially slow for me. So I had been quite aware of Yankovic's Dare To Be Stupid, which was his best album to date.

I Lost On Jeopardy
Hooked On Polkas
Dare To Be Stupid
The Brady Bunch
Gonna Buy Me A Condo
Slime Creatures From Outer Space
King Of Suede
I Want A New Duck
Buckingham Blues
One More Minute (he ended up in the seats near us, crooning this to some mortified girl)
Food Medley: Moldy Now (Hold Me Now), Doctor Doctor, Make Me Steak #3 (Mistake #3), Burger King (Sister Christian), Don't You Forget About Meat (Don't You Forget About Me), Girls Just Want To Have Lunch, Theme From Rocky XIII, I Love Rocky Road, Spameater, Feel Like Throwing Up, Avocado, Whole Lotta Lunch, My Bologna
Eat It
Like A Surgeon
Tags: friends-oregon era, high school, musical, oregon illinois, setlists

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