Novak (novak) wrote,

Musical: The Nylons at the Coronado Theatre

The Nylons at the Coronado Theatre in Rockford, Illinois. The show was originally scheduled for November 19, 1987, but ended up postponed, I think for reasons involving the Theatre. The show went off in February 1988, and I took it in with Ron Ziolkowski, a senior I'd gotten to be pretty good friends with through Navs, and in whose "Suburban Assault Vehicle" I cruised around Northern Illinois that year, seeking out elusive concerts like this one, or our repeated attempts at finding a screen in the suburbs that was showing Spielburg's neglected Empire of the Sun.

I have no idea of the setlist, but they did lots of material, including many of my high school favourites from their first, self-titled 1982 album. I learned an awful lot about singing bass from Arnold Robinson.
Tags: friends-niu era, musical, niu, setlists

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