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Musical: Petra

This is the closest thing I could find on the internet to the show on the same tour that I saw in Merrilville, Indiana at the Star Plaza Theater my freshman year. I went with a girl on my floor, Karen, I believe, and her boyfriend.

Get on Your Knees and Fight Like a Man
Stand Up
He Came He Saw He Conquered
Don’t Let Your Heart Be Hardened
For Annie
You Are My Rock
Back to the Street
Beat the System
You Are I Am
Praise Ye the Lord (solos) (they mellowed this out at one point and did “We Exalt Thee”)
All Hail the Power of Jesus Name


This Means War (complete with the entire crowd fist pumping during the chorus)
It Is Finished

Petra: Dave Ferrari's Concert Review
This Means War Tour
November 1st, 1987
Pride Pavilion
Phoenix, AZ

This was Petra’s triumphant return to the place where the original Beat The System concert was held. I was pleased because I felt that the intimacy of this venue might bring some of the excitement back to the Petra experience. I was right.

Margaret Becker and Geoff Moore opened up the concert. They were great and we could tell that Geoff Moore was headed for bigger things. But this night belonged to Petra. The crowd was pumped and the atmosphere was electric again. They came out with “Get On Your Knees and Fight Like a Man” and continued with a menu of current and classic Petra songs. The stage was a bit plain compared to other Petra concerts but it was still cool. It was a gray stage with a This Means War banner behind it all. This was the first time I heard “He Came, He Saw, He Conquered” done live and it literally gave me goose bumps. It was very anointed. Other notables were “Stand Up”, “Beat the System” “It is Finished” and the shocker of the evening “For Annie”. When John started singing that song I literally started to cry. The finale of the show was very similar to the Back To The Street Concert with the exception of the inclusion of “All Hail the Power of Jesus Name” for the Hallelujah Chorus. I also remember “We Exalt Thee” being in there somewhere but I don’t remember exactly were.

All in all this was one of my favorite Petra concerts. Because of the venue it felt like a classic Petra concert. The only thing missing was “God Gave Rock and Roll to You” and surprisingly “Godpleaser” was left off the set list as well. I also saw this show in California at the Greek Theatre after Ronnie Cates had just joined the band. You could tell he was nervous and the show suffered just a bit as a result. Crystal Lewis opened.
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