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Personal: The Death of My Aunt Rita

My Aunt Rita died last night. Mom had left a few messages for me through the afternoon to call, and so when I walked through the door and got them a little while ago, I was a bit worried. And so I got the news.

I had only met her once, back in 2004, for reasons you can read in my LiveJournal entry of the time, if so inclined. Once again, she had been struggling with pneumonia, and had failed to the point where she was on a respirator. And it was time to let her go, at last, in hopes that the resurrection might give her an opportunity to move beyond the decades of infancy that had so limited her life. Thinking back on that visit, I remember especially certain images from the photographs I took there, both of Rita and Tommy, and of the grounds, of places they liked. Those were all lost in the accidental deletion of all my photographs from 2002-04, which somehow seems fitting, as though all her life were some secret still beyond our vision.
Tags: family, obituary, personal

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