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Random/Theological Notebook: The Lord's Prayer in Elvish and Greek

vesta_venus posted this on her journal today:

The Lord's Prayer in Elvish

adarem i ne menel
aer ess lin aen
rdh lin angleena
iest lin aen
ne menel a ned amar
si anno i mast vin orui ammen
ah amen aranno reagath vin
be arannam an raegdain vih
ah u-dogo na-vael ammen
dan leitho ammen ed ulug

I have no idea of it is correct, or not, not having made that close a study of Tolkien's languages, or even how much of it can be accurate, or has to be extrapolated, because Tolkien never wrote complete dictionaries, glossaries, or grammars. In fact, I can't even tell if it's Quenya, or Sindarian, or whatnot.

And as much as I like the sounds of his Elvish tongues, I have to say, the actual Greek is cooler (here in a non-traditional transliteration into English that's the best I can do try to capture the right vowels for someone trying to sound it out--stress on the bolds):

Pater haymohn en toiss ouranoiss
hagiasthaytoh to onoma sou
elthaytoh hey basileia sou
genaythaytoh to thelayma sou
hohss en ouranoh kai epi gayss
ton arton haymohn ton epiousion doss haymin saymeron
kai afess haymin ta ofaylaymata haymohn
hohss kai haymayss afaykamen toiss ofayletaiss haymohn
kai may aysenengkayss haymass ayss payrasmon
alla hroosai haymass apo tou ponayrou

I love the structure, rhyme and rhythm of it.... Bill Kurz, SJ, had us open all our Luke/Acts and Johannine Tradition classes with that in prayer.
Tags: biblical studies, jesus, liturgical, mysticism/spirituality, prayers, random, teachers, tolkien

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