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Personal: Not So Sick; Dissertating; Jessica's Engagement; Green Sin

Well, this bout with whatever-it-was is finally coming to an end. I kept saying that over the last few days, but it kept lingering, whether it was the Mother of All Chest Colds or perhaps a mild walking pneumonia. I've had the latter before, and it felt more like that, but I never had a fever that I noticed, and usually that infection provoked some kind of fever in the past.

So this has been the second night that I've gotten a long, productive run in on the dissertation, without being utterly baffled or hypnotized by the project. I'm currently analyzing the theology of charisms Sullivan has operating in his retreat notes of the 1970s, and will then run with that to see what impact/contrast it offers to the form of his final published work on the topic.

I ventured out today, although I'm still coughing and worried about being infectious, and I sat in on today's session of Barnes's undergraduate Augustine course, which I had been doing and recording up to this point. While the conversation was interesting on the "Narnia" of the Manicheans, the text known as The Hymn of the Pearl, I was really most excited by noticing during a whispered exchange with former student/current friend Jessica that she was now sporting a diamond on her left hand. When my eyes popped out as she was making some gesture, she nodded and whispered that she'd fill me in after the class concluded. Apparently Nathan proposed last weekend, having asked Jessica's Mom's permission over the Christmas break, when he visited Italy, which was the first time I'd heard that he'd made the trip. (That's what I get for having to cancel all my social plans for feeling crappy.) So she made a point of asking if I'd be available for a Marquette wedding on January 2nd, which I assured her would be no problem at all.

Travel arrangements have been made for my next interview, and I'm also lining up travel plans for heading down to the Cincinnati area to stand Godfather for my nephew Nathaniel Alan on the 22nd. Speaking of transportation, I'm about to join most self-proclaimed environmentalists in their hypocrisy and commit the ultimate Green sin: I've about to cave in after years of resistance and own my first car. I'm pretty embarrassed.
Tags: augustine, barnes, dissertation, francis a. sullivan s.j., friends-marquette era, nathaniel, personal, students, travel

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