Novak (novak) wrote,

Random: Buying Battlestar

Fabulous. As the excitement builds for the final, climactic episodes of the brilliant Battlestar Galactica, with my friends gathering together Friday night for our traditional meal and viewing, other plans are afoot among the owners of the production. Why leave any stone unturned in the search for cold, hard cash? I see that the props – from insignia tags to the full-scale Raptor ship – are all being auctioned off from the show. They've even ripped up the sets and are selling pieces off. I admit the attraction of owning a piece of a favourite story, but the prices look to be, dare I say, out of this world. The big stuff, including many of the key props and costumes used by the title characters is being auctioned off here at Auction Network, and a lot of the cheaper, more general stuff can be found for us plebes on eBay, with details of both auctions to be found at something called

I miss the days when you could count on loose props being sold on eBay after the completion of a show by crew members looking to make an extra buck, with most people not noticing.
Tags: bsg, favourite shows, movies/film/tv, random

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